John M. Sullivan, DMD, MS

Board Certified Endodontist

Thomas P. Currie, DMD, MS



MicroSurgical Endodontics

MicroSurgical endodontics is a surgical procedure that treats the end of the root. Sometimes this is referred to as an apicoectomy or apical surgery. The root apex is removed, allowing the chemomechanical treatment of the apical aspect of the root canal system. A filling is then placed in the end of the root. This procedure is often recommended if the cause of failure is isolated the end of the root.


micro-surg-1This is an image showing a root canal treated tooth with infected or inflamed tissue around the apex.

micro-surg-2MicroSurgery is performed to remove the infected/inflamed tissue and treat the end of the root.
micro-surg-3This image shows the filling that has been placed in the canal at the end of the root.
micro-surg-4This is an image showing the bone now healed around this tooth. Bone often takes one year or more to fully heal.

Images supplied by the American Association of Endodontists