John M. Sullivan, DMD, MS
Board Certified Endodontist

Thomas P. Currie, DMD, MS
Board Certified Endodontist

Alexander R. McClure, DMD
Board Certified Endodontist

Arthur Popkowski, DDS, MS
Board Eligible Endodontist


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Microscopic Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment is performed when a previous root canal treatment has become diseased. Retreatment involves the removal of an existing root canal filling with a goal to determine the cause for failure and correct the problem.


micro-endo-1This image shows a root canal filling that has become contaminated from recurrent decay under the existing crown.
micro-endo-2This image shows a root canal treated tooth that has an infection.
micro-endo-3This is an image showing the previous root canal filling removed with a goal to disinfect the apical third of the root.
micro-endo-4The apical third of the root was adequately disinfected and the tooth was filled with root canal filling material to allow the bone to heal around the apex.
micro-endo-5This is an image showing the bone now healed around this tooth. Bone often takes one year or more to fully heal.

Images supplied by the American Association of Endodontists